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April 2020
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We proudly offer COMPLETE commercial and residential lawn and landscape care including:


With the heavy clay soils in the Reno/Sparks area, soil compaction is a huge problem. Tightly packed soil particles leave little space for air or water. Roots are deprived of oxygen and cannot penetrate the compacted soil to reach areas where oxygen is available. Also, water penetrates slowly, standing on the surface for unwanted periods of time. Aeration is a process of removing soil cores from a lawn area. Aeration opens up soils to allow oxygen, fertilizer, and water to better reach turfgrass roots. It promotes a healthier root system, ultimately leading to a healthier lawn. Recommended at the very least once per season.


Over time, layers of intermingled dead roots, decomposing matter, and debris accumulate. This layer is called thatch, and is located just below the grass blades and above the actual soil. This thatch layer limits the movement of water, air, and nutrients to the plant. Vertical cutting or de-thatching greatly helps in the removal of this unwanted layer. As a result, your turfgrass will perform its normal cycles better, ultimately leading to a healthier lawn. Recommended at the very least once every other season.

Fertilizer Program

Naycha Boy Landscaping has adopted a fertilizer program that is best for the optimal performance of turfgrass in our area. The program consists of five applications throughout the growing season, timed between six and eight weeks apart, which provide much needed nutrients to your lawn. Special slow-release fertilizers are used during the hot months of the growing season so that there is no risk of turfgrass burn.

Irrigation turn-on

Irrigation turn-on consists of getting your system up and running. Included in this service is: turning on the water to your system; running each station to check for proper function; programming of the clock. Any repairs needed to achieve proper functionality are billed at an hourly irrigation labor rate of $50 plus parts.

Irrigation turn-off/Winterization

At the end of the irrigation season, systems in our area need to be winterized so that freezing temperatures don’t damage the system leading to costly repairs. This service includes: Turning off the water to your system; bleeding the valves; draining the PVB; opening all manual drains.


All mowing services include: mowing of all lawn areas, edging around the exterior, blowing debris off all hardscapes, and the removal of all grass clippings.

  • Weekly Mowing One should never remove more that 1/3 of the grass leaf surface at on time. Otherwise, an imbalance between aerial shoots and roots may retard growth. Infrequently mowed lawns are coarser and more open. Weekly mowing eliminates these problems and produces a healthier more aesthetically pleasing lawn.
  • Every other week mowing Recommended for slower growing lawns. Some every other week customers may require weekly mowing during seasonal high growth rates.

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